Crystal Serenity - 32 Night The Northwest Passage - Anchorage (Seward) to New York -



Crystal Serenity%lt;br%gt;32 Night%lt;br%gt;The Northwest Passage%lt;br%gt;Anchorage to New York

Crystal Serenity
32 Night
The Northwest Passage
Anchorage to New York

Ship: Crystal Serenity
Cruise Line: Crystal Cruises
Cruise Date:  15 August 2017
Duration: 32 Nights
Ports: Anchorage, Seward, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Nome, Ulukhaktok, Pond Inlet, Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Nuuk, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, New York
Airport gateway (Arrival) : Anchorage
Airport gateway (Departure) : New York



Date Port Arrival Departure
Aug 15, Tuesday
Anchorage/Seward, Alaska, USA »   Embark pm

Kenai Fjords National Park, Resurrection Bay, the SeaLife Center research aquarium, not to mention the charm of the town itself, all conspire to make Seward one of the most appealing destinations in Alaska.

Seward began inconspicuously enough as a fishing village and point of arrival for those visiting Alaska. Now locals and visitors alike have discovered that there is enough to see and do here to merit a multi-day, if not indefinite, stay. You might paddle a kayak on the lookout for sea otters, hike one of the many beautiful hiking trails near town, embark on a fishing expedition or ride a wheeled sled pulled by a team of 12 spry and intelligent dogs. In town, visit the aforementioned SeaLife Center, where you can hold starfish and view puffins, seabirds, harbor seals and sea lions. Also investigate the Iditarod Trailhead and explore the quaint Seward Museum where you will learn the history of Seward as told by bits of memorabilia.

Aug 16, Wednesday
Kodiak, Alaska, USA » 9 am 6 pm

Often called “Alaska’s Emerald Isle,” Kodiak Island is indeed magnificently green, thanks to its plentiful summer rains. In fact, many things are plentiful here, including fish and other wildlife. The island, situated off the coast of Alaska, boasts one of North America’s largest commercial fishing ports. Both avid and casual anglers will delight in chances to test their skills in catching halibut, trout, steelhead and all five species of salmon. Hikers and mountain bikers will find the area a paradise as well, with a choice of splendid trails that wind through Kodiak’s National Wildlife Refuge.

For those wanting to delve into local history, there are several museums in and near the main town of Kodiak: The Baranov Museum dedicated to the island’s history; the Alutiiq Museum, which illuminates the cultural traditions of the indigenous Alutiiq people; the Kodiak Maritime Museum, showcasing Alaska’s maritime heritage; and the Kodiak Military History Museum, aptly located in a restored bunker.

Aug 17, Thursday
Cruising the North Pacific Ocean »


Aug 18, Friday Dutch Harbor, Alaska, USA » 8 am 6 pm
The port of Dutch Harbor, on tiny Amaknak Island, is connected by a bridge to the city of Unalaska, a onetime ancient Aleut Village. It lies 800 miles southwest of Anchorage in the heart of the Aleutian Islands along the "Ring of Fire," so named for the frequent volcanic activity of this portion of the Pacific Rim. These islands were the stepping-stones that lured Russian explorers to Alaska during the 1700s. Development quickened when ships heading for the Nome gold fields stopped here for provisions. Steller's sea lions are among this region's unique and abundant wildlife. You may also spot whales, seals, sea otters, porpoises and rare seabirds. Don't miss seeing the Holy Ascension Church, the island's World War II landmarks and other fascinating relics of the past.
Aug 19, Saturday
Cruising the Bering Sea »


Aug 20, Sunday Nome, Alaska » 10 am 11 pm

Nome, a frontier-like town located on the Seward Peninsula closer to Siberia than to Anchorage, has hosted two famed races. One was a sprint for riches—the Gold Rush that began in 1898 when the “Three Lucky Swedes” discovered the glittering dust on Anvil Creek. The other is the Iditarod, the annual, 1,049-mile sled dog race through often white-out and sub-zero conditions that begins in Anchorage and ends in Nome. We invite you to take your time experiencing Nome and its environs, not merely contemplating but fully appreciating its remote location as you unearth your own treasures at shops selling Inupiaq Eskimo crafts or spy wildlife out in the tundra.

Aug 21, Monday
Cruising the Bering Sea »


Aug 22, Tuesday Passing Little Diomede Island »


Aug 23, Wednesday Cruising the Chukchi Sea »


Aug 24, Thursday Cruising the Beaufort Sea »


Aug 25, Friday Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada (overnight) » 2 pm 12 m
Aug 26, Saturday Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, Canada » 8 am 6 pm
Aug 27, Sunday
Cruising the Dolphin and Union Strait »


Aug 28, Monday Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada » 8 am 9 pm

Offering excellent fishing in its pristine lakes and rivers, Cambridge Bay fulfills the promise of its traditional name, Iqaluktuuttiaq, which means “good fishing place.” This spot on the southeast coast of Victoria Island draws not only eager anglers but also intrepid travelers, as Cambridge Bay is the largest stop for vessels traversing the Northwest Passage. A new High Arctic Research Station is in the works, planned as a year-round facility with an anticipated opening date in 2017. In the meantime, visitors can head their own casual research expeditions with walks on trails in Ovayok Territorial Park for chances to see muskox and nesting birds, strolls in town to learn about the community’s history and visits to the Arctic Coast Visitors’ Centre to discover Inuit art and culture.

Aug 29, Tuesday
Cruising Victoria Strait »


Aug 30, Wednesday Cruising Bellot Straight - Western Entrance »


Aug 31, Thursday Cruising Peel Sound or The Bellot Strait »


Sep 1, Friday Cruising Beechey Island/Radstock Bay »


Sep 2, Saturday Cruising Croker Bay and the coast of Devon Island »


Sep 3, Sunday Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada » 8 am 9 pm

Across Baffin Bay from Greenland and squarely above the Arctic Circle is Pond Inlet, a remote hamlet with all you might expect from this northerly clime—vast expanses of tundra, a ring of scenic mountains, and most beguilingly, an abundance of wildlife. Perhaps the most fabled creature found here is the narwhal, a medium-sized whale with a single protruding tusk, making it the “unicorn of the sea.” As we approach Pond Inlet we keep a lookout for these fascinating animals, along with other marine mammals. Kayaking at sea and trekking by land on Baffin Island afford glimpses of other regional residents, including harp seals, arctic foxes, geese, gulls, ravens, and a polar bear. The sheer number of animals in this area is as impressive as their type and variety. The cliffs on nearby Bylot Island are sanctuary for one million nesting birds.

Sep 4, Monday
Cruising the fjords of Baffin Island »


Sep 5, Tuesday Crossing Davis Strait »


Sep 6, Wednesday Ilulissat, Greenland » 7 am 8 pm

View pictures of Ilulissat, Greenland, and it can look otherworldly. Icebergs rise impressively out of the sea. Immense glaciers take on mesmerizing hues of Arctic sky and sun. Brightly painted buildings with white trim and pitched roofs stand impossibly on rocky hills, seemingly ungrounded yet an integral part of the scene. Step off your ship and become part of the landscape, highlighted by the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Sermeq Kujalleq, the most active glacier in the world, constantly supplying the ocean with icebergs and visitors with reasons to be amazed. In town, watch for dogsleds: there are almost as many sled dogs as people, and sleds have right-of-way. You may also want to yield to the temptation to browse one of the museums or sit a spell with the locals over a traditional coffee gathering called a Kaffemik.

Sep 6, Wednesday
Cruising Disko Bay »


Sep 7, Thursday Sisimiut, Greenland » 8 am 4 pm

Pronounced si-si-me-oat, Sisimiut sits on the west coast of Greenland just above the Arctic Circle, and well outside the realm of the typical vacation experience. Its appearance may resemble the New England coast or colorful villages of Norway, but Sisimiut’s mix of Inuit and Danish culture, traditions in dog sledding, and pride in the Arctic Circle Race, a cross-country ski race covering nearly 100 miles in three days, make it a unique destination. Get swept away by the local milieu with a dog-sledding expedition, snowmobile ride, trek on a scenic trail, fishing trip on a fresh-water river, or simply get hooked on the friendly vibe of the town, Greenland’s second largest and increasingly one of its most popular.

Sep 8, Friday
Nuuk, Greenland » 7 am 4 pm
As the capital of Greenland, Nuuk is the center of its trade, shipping, industry and administration. Nuuk, also known as "the promontory," is located at the tip of a large peninsula by the mouth of the gigantic Nuuk Fjord. The town is the oldest in Greenland, built by the Danish missionary Hans Egede in 1728. With a population of more than 13,000 people, Nuuk is considered Greenland's largest town. Humpback whales at play in the ocean, seals swimming through the great waters and sea eagles flying through the sky are just some of the fascinating wildlife found outside the city limits. Northern lights, striking mountains, breathtaking fjords and colorful sunsets light up the skies of Nuuk.
Sep 9, Saturday -
Sep 10, Sunday
Cruising the Labrador Sea »


Sep 11, Monday Cruising the Atlantic Ocean »


Sep 12, Tuesday Bar Harbor, Maine, USA » 9 am 6 pm
Cradled off the craggy coast of Maine lies Mount Desert Island and the charming seaport town of Bar Harbor. Earlier last century, when it was the summer retreat of millionaires, it boasted magnificent estate homes, or "cottages," many of which were completely destroyed by the fire of 1947. However, some things never change. The priceless asset of the island's scenic beauty remains untouched by time. Vistas of emerald-green forests and rugged valleys from the superb vantage point of Mount Cadillac remain just as spectacular, and the rugged shoreline scenery is still as awe inspiring as it ever was. The choice is yours. Take a scenic drive through some of Maine's most spectacular scenery or stroll along the picturesque main street with its inviting shops and galleries. Perhaps you will choose to sample some of North America's most delectable seafood at an authentic lobster bake, or cruise the fascinating coastal area.
Sep 13, Wednesday
Boston, Massachusetts, USA » 8 am 6 pm
Relive nearly four hundred years of history as you explore myriad sights of Boston, a city that exudes pride in its past and future. Superb shopping abounds and sightseeing attractions are legendary. You'll revel in exploring the Freedom Trail, the Old North Church and the Boston Common. A few miles away lie Lexington and Concord where the momentous events that began in 1775 come alive. Boston has not been content to rest on the laurels of its glorious past. Progress is everywhere. Glazed high-rises soar skyward and the colorful waterfront area has been artfully renovated. Your visit to this thriving metropolis is bound to impress.
Sep 14, Thursday
Newport, Rhode Island, USA » 10 am 5 pm
Newport, Rhode Island, is a stylish, world-famous yachting center with a long tradition of elegance. For almost a century and a half, it was the home of the America's Cup yachting races. The colonial sections of Newport boast many authentic historic buildings, some dating back to the 1600s. However, most impressive of all, are the opulent mansions built at the turn of this century by industrial tycoons along Ocean Drive and Bellevue Avenue. Fashioned after the palaces of Europe their interiors boast lavish use of marble, alabaster, gilt, mosaics and stained glass complemented by magnificent furnishings and fine tapestries. You'll be spellbound listening to the legends and stories of families such as the Morgans, Astors, Fishers and Vanderbilts, all of whom had "cottages" here. Although Rhode Island is America's smallest state, it has a legacy of history and tradition that far outweighs it size.
Sep 15, Friday
New York City, New York, USA (overnight) » 9 am  
Welcome to one of the world's most famous and exciting cities. Broadway, Times Square, the Empire State Building and Central Park are just some of the celebrated spectacles this bustling city has to offer. Giovanni da Verrazano was the first European to glimpse Manhattan Island in 1524, but the area was not explored until Henry Hudson arrived in 1609. It is said that Peter Minuit bought the entire island from Native Americans for $24 worth of beads and trinkets in 1629 - the biggest real estate bargain in history. In 1664 the Dutch surrendered to a British Fleet, and the town was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York. George Washington was inaugurated here in 1789, and for a time, New York served as the country's capital. Since then, the city has grown spectacularly and has become one of the most exciting and electrifying cities in the country - not to mention one of the most rewarding to visit and explore.
Sep 16, Saturday
New York City, New York, USA » Disembark am  


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