Cruiseco Terms of Trade


Discovery Travel Centre Pty. Ltd trading as Cruiseco (ABN: 12001934461) is the largest and broadest distributor of cruise product in the Southern Hemisphere. Established in 2000 our Membership base is comprised of over 250 travel agencies spanning Australia and New Zealand. We provide access to over 50 cruise brands worldwide creating exclusive cruise products including packages to our members. Our consortium model places us at the forefront of cruising with a team dedicated to providing expert perspectives on all things cruising to over 2,500 travel advisers.

Discovery Travel Centre Pty Ltd is an IATA licensed Travel Agency and member of AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents). All funds paid to Discovery Travel Centre Retail are placed in a client account until disbursed to principals. 


Please read the information provided carefully. By a Third Party “Supplier/Provider”, “Supplier” or “Provider” we mean company or person who provides you with the travel product such as Cruise Line, Airline, Hotel and any land supplier which may include rail, Tour Operators or Transfer Operator which Cruiseco may use. 

“You", “Your” means any user of this Website and includes any person who acquires the ability to book Travel Products (whether or not the Booking Services were acquired by another person).

“Website” means the website which members are given access to. 

 “We” or “us” means Cruiseco. 

Service Supplier / Provider Conditions & Disclaimer

It is your responsibility to make sure you are fully aware of any service supplier/ provider’s terms and conditions relative to the booking. The supplier products offered are subject to availability and can be withdrawn without notice by the supplier at any time in accordance with the terms and conditions you agree to which include the supplier terms. 

Cruiseco provides summary information of “Cruise Line Terms and Conditions” on the member website. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with them as Cruiseco has no control over the terms and conditions set down by supplier/providers and will not be held liable in any way for any acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties or negligence by any service provider. 

Privacy Policy

We respect each site visitor's right to personal privacy. To that end, we collect and use Personal Information throughout our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This statement applies solely to information collected on this website.

You acknowledge and agree that we may disclose some or all of your “Personal Information” as incorporated into these terms.

For each visitor to our website, our web server automatically recognises only the visitor's domain name: not the e-mail address. Information is collected for the following purposes:

  • To improve the content of our Web page.
  • To notify visitors about updates to our Website.
  • To contact consumers for marketing purposes.

Any information entered in forms will be captured, saved  and used for the following purposes:

  • To improve the content of our Web page.
  • To notify visitors about updates to our Website.
  • To contact consumers for marketing purposes.

Please note no information collected is shared with third party organizations for commercial purposes.

All calls to Cruiseco are recorded for legal purposes.

This site collects cookies. 

The Cruiseco booking system is powered by Odysseus, please refer to the Odysseus privacy policy statement here for further information.   

We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The NPPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your Personal Information.

A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at


We may modify our terms and conditions at any time and changes made will come into effect once they are visible on our Website. You acknowledge and agree that your continued use of the Website and its booking service is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of your use.

You acknowledge that the inclusion of links on this Website is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation of any linked website or its content. We do not guarantee that this Website or any linked website will be free from viruses, or that this Website or any linked website will be uninterrupted.

We reserve the right to correct any content prices quoted or calculated for any cruise only or cruise package with immediate effect. We will take all reasonable measures to notify you of such corrections including supplier system updates in advance. 


Use of this Website and all matters arising out of or in connection with it and all terms are governed by the laws applicable in the State of New South Wales. By accessing this Website, you consent and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales in all matters arising out of or in connection with your use of this Website and terms.

Quotation and Booking Conditions


All quotations are an indicative price and are a guide only and may vary due to peak demand periods, fees and Taxes, exchange rate fluctuations and changes in surcharges. Prices are in Australian dollars (except where stated otherwise) and any Government taxes and charges imposed by Third Party Supplier/ Provider. Cruiseco reserves the right to adjust prices by including additional charges together with any applicable service fee and GST at any time prior to and including the date of your departure.

Online Booking Access


Cruiseco requires payment as set out at time of booking and is dictated by the supplier/providers Terms and Conditions of the service. In addition, Cruiseco reserves the right to apply additional administration fees.

All deposits and administration fees are non-refundable therefore we recommend Travel Insurance be taken by the traveller to protect them as best possible based on their insurers Terms and Conditions. 

Failure to pay the deposit by the option due date, may result in the cancellation of your booking. This is actioned automatically by the supplier computer reservation system and is often difficult to amend or extend.

Final payment is normally required by Cruise Line between 70 and 90 days prior to sailing. We therefore ask that you check your final statement and due date as occasionally for extended cruises this may be even earlier. This will be identified to you at the time of booking. 

This early payment enables the Shipping Company to complete Immigration and Customs formalities with the many countries that you visit, as well as making sure that sufficient fresh foods and other stores are purchased on route for the exact number of passengers travelling.

In the event where a final payment deadline is missed Cruiseco cannot guarantee the reservation will stay held. Cruiseco will endeavour to reinstate any arrangements as per your request though it is subject to the supplier terms and conditions who have the right to cancel all arrangements without notification resulting in the forfeit of any monies paid as per their Terms and Conditions set out. It is your responsibility to ensure payment is received by Cruiseco prior to the final balance due date on the final invoice. In the circumstance where the due date falls over a weekend and or public holiday including NSW dedicated holidays, it is your responsibility to ensure Cruiseco has receipted of payment in advance within Cruiseco operation hours. We cannot guarantee we will be able to extend any missed payment due dates set by the supplier in conjunction with Cruiseco booking terms and conditions.

Price Variations

Prices for supplier products featured on our member’s website may vary slightly between the Website and bookings made over the phone via the Cruiseco Reservations Team. It is important to reconfirm the cost of your holiday as components of the cruise or cruise package are often purchased in foreign currency and can fluctuate between the value of that currency and the Australian Dollar causing an adjustment of the Australian Dollar conversion cost of the booking. Travellers should reconfirm the cost of their holiday with their Travel Agent.
Exceptions: Cruise lines reserve the right to impose any reasonable charges prior to the date of sailing and they reserve the right to impose such charge to the passenger prior to embarkation.

Changes and Amendments

Cruiseco reserves the right to make corrections to any quotations calculated or billed in respect of a booking up to the final payment invoice receipt. After the initial payment has been received any amendment made to a booking at any one time may incur additional fees per amendment plus any additional fees relating to the supplier’s service which incurs change fees, therefore you should check and confirm the cost of any changes.

Airline penalties apply per ticket per booking. The total cost of your change will depend on the following type of change request; you should confirm fees prior to making. Air booking violations made by you (eg: PNR abuse) example: No-Show of traveller generating an auto cancellation fee from the airline. 

In the case of Cruiseco charter products, Cruiseco acts as the principle and additional amendment fees may be due to Cruiseco, please refer to the applicable Cruiseco charter brochure for schedule of fees.

Cruiseco reserves the right to apply administration fees for any voluntary amendment to a ticket purchased through or issued by us in addition to the Airline Fares Rules as per your flight booking summary. The applicable fee structure is listed below and applies within Cruiseco standard hours of operation. Airline (Supplier) change fees are additional and can incorporate administration, airfare and tax differences. We will provide you with an estimated fee amount and on receiving your request to proceed make the necessary changes, noting the final confirmation cost is still subject to the time of ticket change with immediate payment required. Click here to access the “Airline Change Request” form which is to be completed and emailed to: 

  • Changes to Trans-Tasman flight bookings will incur a fee of $50.00 per passenger per booking in addition to any supplier fees
  • Changes to International flight bookings (excluding Trans-Tasman bookings) will incur a fee of $80.00 per passenger per booking in addition to any supplier fees
  • Cancellation of a flight booking will incur a fee of $80.00 per passenger per booking in addition to any supplier fees
  • All secondary or further flight changes to flight bookings will incur a $100.00 per passenger per booking fee in addition to any supplier fees
  • Name corrections incur a fee of $150.00 per passenger per booking in addition to any supplier fees 

Cancellation and Refunds

All Cruise and Cruise Package cancellation requests are to be made in writing to Reservations ( Cancellation fees may apply to your holiday when a deposit or final payment has been made. These cancellation fees will be levied by the supplier included in the reservation and will be greater the closer you cancel to your travel date. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with what these fees are, before you making a booking.

Please note that a refund can take up to 90 days to process from the supplier. Cruiseco therefore strongly recommends that travellers take appropriate insurance and are covered for cancellation charges due to illness or other circumstances out of their control. For cancellations made after travel has commenced no refund will apply in respect of any travel arrangements or services not utilised whether by choice, or because of late arrival or early departure and including failure of any transport to operate according to schedule. Please note that employees of any supplier are not authorised by Cruiseco to make any refund on behalf of Cruiseco.

There is no refund of the Cruiseco deposits or additional advance payment deposits (where applicable) made to the supplier/provider and a cancellation fees may be payable. Travellers are advised to check with their Travel Agent.

For cancellation fees on Cruiseco chartered products please refer to the relevant charter brochure for full terms and conditions, which are available to download in CruiseHUB.

Late Bookings

A late booking is a booking made within 100 days of departure and will only be accepted if payment is made in full at the time of reservation to secure the payment from any cancellation fees if the booking is subsequently cancelled. A late booking fee may be payable. Travellers should confirm the cost of the holiday with their Travel Agent. 

Merchant Fees

Cruiseco can accept credit card and virtual payment for arrangements; however charges will apply dependent on the payment method used. For example the applicable card fees will be;

  • All Visa and Master Cards are at 1.4% (non- refundable fee)
  • Amex cards are charged at 2.2 % (non- refundable fee)

Surcharges are not shown on any invoice but are calculated at the time of payment and are not refundable in any circumstance. 

Bank account details

For direct bank transfer payments, we require the booking number and traveller’s name in the reference area when making a transfer (e.g.: K345kp Jones/B). Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled if the payment cannot be identified and allocated. For a bank transfer please allow for an additional 2 working days prior to the payment due date stated in the confirmation advice and forward an email to Cruiseco when the payment has been processed. 

Urgent Payment Conditions

It has become common for cruise lines and airlines to stipulate immediate payment on confirmation of arrangements to secure cruise cabins and air bookings. Under these circumstances Cruiseco may require a credit card to facilitate the final payment to the supplier as per their terms and conditions. By providing Cruiseco with a credit card details over the phone you are thereby accepting our terms and conditions and authorise payment for your booking. 

Final Payment Conditions (Exchange Rates)

Cruiseco will re-cost all applicable booked services at the prevailing exchange rate, should there be an exchange adjustment which is out of our control we will provide you with a new statement of account reflecting any adjustments. 

Passenger Details

It is mandatory that all names on the booking are exactly as per each traveller’s passport at time of booking. This includes all three names on the passport when displayed (first, middle and surname). Cruiseco reserves the right to request any additional identification information as set by the supplier’s terms and conditions. Any correction or alteration made to a traveller’s name after a booking has been made and funds transacted will incur fees and charges as per the terms and conditions set out by the service provider/s and Cruiseco. Providing incorrect information may result in the booking not being confirmed and cancelled. 


Most travel suppliers/providers only offer electronic confirmation of reservations, or e- ticketing. For airlines bookings ticket numbers will display on the travel itinerary documentation. We appreciate some paper documents may be a necessary part of your travel arrangements. In the event where the service provider has provided e-documents and you have requested a hard copy of documents on behalf of the cruise line including ticket wallets, then a small fee may apply. Printed documents will include a hard wallets, paper tickets, cruise booklets and itinerary.
All home port and charter cruise bookings will only be distributed electronically. For all other bookings please stipulate whether you wish to receive the documentation either in a .pdf format (auto generates which booked online) or as a printed copy so please ensure you confirm your choice at time of booking. 

Supplier’s standard release of documents requires finalisation of all payment in full and can include the completion of the online cruise registration by the passenger. Providing the deadline conditions have been adhered to documents are forwarded 14 to 20 days before travel. 

Not Included in Your Costs

Fly/Cruise holidays have the outstanding advantage that all your meals, entertainment and travel are inclusive, once abroad your cruise liner. However, there are also charges that are additional to your basic holiday cost and you should be informed of these, at the time of booking your holiday.

Airport Taxes – levied by airports around the world and charged as a supplementary cost on your ticket.

Port Charges – levied by the port authorities at each destination of your cruise and charged to you separately by the shipping line.

Gratuities – charged by some shipping companies as a compulsory prepaid supplement and identified separately as a supplement on your invoice.

Passports and visas – Please ask your Travel Agent for advice on this.

Insurance – Please ask your Travel Agent for advice on this.

Items of a personal nature such as beverages, postage, telephone calls, shore excursions etc.

Accommodation - It is possible that flight schedules or availability may require you to overnight before or after your cruise, which is a supplementary cost to be borne by the traveller. 

Accuracy of Information

When submitting any information, the person providing the information whether by EMAIL, ONLINE or by PHONE in connection with the booking registration whether at travel enquiry or booking stage must ensure that the information is true, accurate, current and completed in respect of the requirements. We rely on the information provided at every stage. Changes to incorrect information provided may incur high fees and at worst prevent the traveller from utilising their travel arrangement. Should there be a change to the email or phone number on the booking you are obliged to inform us of this. 

Cruiseco endeavours to make the information on this website as accurate as possible. We do, however, reserve the right to correct inaccuracies should they occur. Please note that all pricing and holiday inclusions displayed on this site are subject to change and availability at time of booking.


Cruiseco is committed to ensuring any arrangements we have made for you are implemented as arranged. Should a problem arise we will endeavour to address this in the most sensitive and practical way to reach a resolution with the supplier on your behalf. If you fail to follow this course, any claim for compensation may be delayed, reduced or denied. If you have an unresolved complaint, details should be lodged in writing with supporting documentation and evidence. All efforts will be made to resolve the matter with the supplier within 30 days of return to Australia. 

Annexure Travel Tips or Travel Products

Passports and Visas

A valid passport is required for all Trans-Tasman and International travel. Most countries stipulate all travellers have a minimum of six months validity after the date of return to Australia and for Non- Australian passport holders a valid re-entry permit is also required. 

Cruiseco is unable to offer information and advice regarding travel visas. Certain countries require visas prior to departure from Australia and need to be presented at ship embarkation and airline departure check-in. Visa requirements and correct travel documents remain the sole responsibility of Traveller and Cruiseco is not responsible or liable for any costs arising from a rejected visa application, denial of entry into any country along with any fees associated to cancellations implemented for the cancellation or amendment of travel arrangements. If you do not have all the required travel documents Governments may require the supplier of service to present information relating to your travel on and permit access to passengers data. It is your responsibility to find out about visa entry, health and other requirements to enter the country/s with which you are visiting and make the appropriate disclosures as required. These matters are not our responsibility and you agree not to hold Cruiseco including its servants and supplier agents responsible in that regard. 

Health, Vaccinations and Travel Advice Notices

Certain countries require vaccinations before departure from Australia and for other countries it may be a recommendation that health precautions to be taken. It is your responsibility to ensure all health precautions have been taken. Failure to disclose health conditions which may result in the applicable country refusing you entry or in you being detained, expelled or repatriated from it, is of no responsibility of Cruiseco and is not liable for any expenses, costs liabilities or loss incurred in relation to such matters or for your failure to comply with laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of countries visited. 

To ensure the safety of all travellers it may be necessary for Cruiseco or its servants and supplier agents to disclose particulars of your health or any medical condition to suppliers of other services forming part of your travel arrangements. You authorise Cruiseco or its servants and agents to make such disclosure/s on your behalf and agree that any disclosure shall not amount to a breach of confidence or duty and nor will Cruiseco or its servants and agents be held liable in respect thereof in tort or in contract or under any anti-discrimination laws. Cruiseco nor its agents are responsible for any disclosures of health conditions made by the supplier whose services is part of your arrangement or for the acts of any government instrumentalities of the countries connected to here with.

We recommend all travellers check the Travel Advice Notices issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade prior to their journey. For example: or Phone: 1300 555 135 or Phone: 1300 139 281 for updated travel information

Smoking Policy

In the interest of all people’s health, safety and enjoyment when travelling smoking is no longer permitted on nearly all modes of transport and this includes on-board most ships and vessels, airlines and air terminals, hotels and land providers. Changes in policy are in line with Australian and International standards. In the event where smoking is permitted the service provider will make this public knowledge. 

Check-in Times

The departure time shown on the itinerary for a cruise line, Airline or land supplier is current at time of issue. The departure time is NOT the same as the check-in time. Check-in time is as per the advice of the service supplier / provider terms and is the latest time at which they will accept a person for travel. The supplier may refuse carriage if late so it is imperative to check the time to present for boarding and check-in.

Cruise Carriage

Cruise Booking Registration

In support of being ECO FRIENDLY nearly all cruise lines require online booking registration in Cruise Personaliser or Manage My Booking, and must be completed by the traveller before travel documents are released. Failure to do so will cause delays of documents being released 10-20 working days prior to the departure date from Australia. It is your responsibility to make sure the traveller has completed all the necessary registration to avoid delays once final payment has been processed as cruise lines issue documentation in departure date sequence. You are required to forward all documentation to the travelling party to assist in completing their arrangements. In the event a paper booking form and any additional supporting forms (eg: medical clearance forms) be completed it is important you submit the required information for the cruise line.

Shore Excursions

Cruise lines tend to make shore excursions available to request online about 90 days prior to departure though we recommend checking the cruise lines website regularly or contact the cruise line concerned for an approximate release date, keeping in mind cruise lines may release shore excursions online at any time. We recommend shore excursions be pre-booked prior to departure from Australia to avoid disappointment. Cruiseco is not responsible should any shore excursion/s be sold out or a waitlist closed. 


Gratuities’ (tipping) in the cruise industry is a customary practice to show appreciation for excellent service. Many cruises lines have mandatory gratuities. On certain cruise lines gratuities are included in the fare passage through they may not cover all services or gratuities during the cruise. Where this is not displayed by the cruise line or on any documentation we recommend as a guideline to allow between USD11.00 - USD15.00 per passenger per day. 

Cabin Upgrades

Please indicate if you want a cabin which is open for a free upgrade and we will endeavour to make your cabin as an "available for upgrade" status, however there is no guarantee that the upgrade will occur as upgrades are actioned by the cruise line and at their discretion and option. The cruise line will not give advance notice that an upgrade will be allocated nor will they accept requests for any particular cabin grade or number. The upgrade system is an automated system therefore there is no choice. Once an upgrade has been applied it cannot be reversed and you may find the upgrade cabin location is not to your liking which is why we advise to give due consideration to requesting this option.

Cabin Guarantee / Ships Option

The definition of a GUARANTEE cabin (GTY) is one where there is no cabin number assigned at the time of booking the cabin. For example, you may book a stateroom of a guaranteed category type (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony, Concierge/Aqua Class or Suite) on your chosen ship and cruise, however the exact grade, number, location of the stateroom on the ship will be allocated by the cruise line at any time up until the check-in port for boarding. Guests booked in a guarantee status cabin/s may not be berthed with other travelling parties due to availability. Cabins allocated may be subject to obstructed views. The benefits of a guarantee (GTY) cabin are that after your booking has been confirmed, the cruise line may (at their discretion) upgrade your cabin to one of a superior category than the category originally booked at no extra charge. Once your guarantee (GTY) cabin has been allocated to you, the cruise line is unable to accept any change requests.

Hotels Suppliers and Other Services

Descriptions and locations for accommodation and features are based on current international hotel guides and information provided by hotels or aggregator and any facilities shown as included are subject to change at any time. Hotel room photographs may not be specific to actual room occupied. As standards of accommodation, facilities and services within your arrangements are based on various factors, Cruiseco makes no specific representation with regard thereto or with respect to fitness for purpose of any that are available or provided. Reference to facilities in hotels such as gyms, spas or saunas does not imply their use is free.

Prices are based on existing bedding in the room which is provided purely as a guide and subject to hotel renovations or other circumstances out of our control. We recommend any special requests be made at the time of booking. e.g.: Twin (2 separate beds) or (a double bed) by sending Cruiseco an email. It is important to note arrangements cannot be guaranteed as hotels may have limited availability of specific bedding types including child and infant bedding. For triple share rooms the additional bed may be rollaway and any additional bedding may incur a charge payable direct to the hotel. To guarantee charges for any incidental items may require validation of a credit card upon check-in with the hotel.

Hotel Ratings

There are various criteria which make up a property rating. Cruiseco Packages are designed to deliver value and quality by offering 3 to 5-star hotels. 

  • A 3-star hotel can be qualified as a standard level of accommodation, with reasonable hotel service and amenities. 
  • A 4-star hotel is a superior category with well-appointed rooms and hotel facilities.
  • A 5-star hotel is a first to deluxe category hotel delivering service of the highest standard with a range of superior facilities.

Air Carriage

Airfare prices are subject to change until payment is received in full and tickets have been issued. Airline carriers reserve the right to amend flight schedules and make flight cancellations at any time without notice. Depending on the reason for the change recouping any costs incurred as a result of these actions will be advised. Cruiseco is not responsible for the actions of an airline and or any additional charges they may impose for in flight food and beverages. Please access the airlines website for full terms and conditions.


The amount of checked baggage you are permitted depends on the class of travel and destination as outlines by the airline carrier. A number of leading carriers have introduced additional charges for checked baggage based on either per piece or weight basis or both. Full details of each carrier's baggage policy and any applicable fees can be found on their website or will display when making the reservation. 

Denied Boarding

In most circumstances, if you are denied boarding by an airline carrier involuntarily, you are entitled to compensation. When required by applicable law, the airline carrier must solicit volunteers before anyone is denied boarding involuntarily. Check with the carrier for the complete terms on payment of denied boarding compensation and for information on the airline carrier’s boarding priorities.

Airline Seating and Special Requests

Flights may be overbooked and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight. Air carriers will often advise seat numbers but it is important to note it is not a guarantee until final boarding. 

Persons making bookings online have the option to request seating and other specials requirements e.g.: meals, wheelchairs, medical conditions when available by the airline. Should any service not provide this option you can make the request to us and we will do all possible to confirm this. Passengers are responsible for confirming and checking flights and times with the airline and we recommend this be done 72 hours prior for all flight departures.

Frequent Flyer

It is essential to check frequent flyer number matches that on the passport as this may cause the mileage points to not generate. As a precaution we advise to keep copies of the travel itinerary and boarding passes from the trip so that the airline can assist with crediting any mileage points not generated over the course of the passenger’s travels. The airline will provide assistance regarding any redemption points missed.

IATA - International Aviation Transport Authority

Conditions of contract and other important notices


Notice of Liability Limitations

The Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention system may be applicable to your journey and these Conventions govern and may limit the liability of air carriers for death or bodily injury, for loss of or damage to baggage, and for delay.

Where the Montreal Convention applies, the limits of liability are as follows:

  1. There are no financial limits in respect of death or bodily injury.
  2. In respect of destruction, loss of, or damage or delay to baggage, 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 1,200; US $1,800) per passenger in most cases.
  3. For damage occasioned by delay to your journey, 4,694 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 5,000; US $7,500) per passenger in most cases.

EC Regulation No. 889/2002 requires European Community carriers to apply the provisions of the Montreal Convention limits to all carriage by them of passengers and their baggage by air. Many non-European Community carriers have elected to do so in respect of the carriage of passengers and their baggage.

Where the Warsaw Convention system applies, the following limits of liability may apply:

  1. 16,600 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 20,000; US $20,000) in respect of death or bodily injury if the Hague Protocol to the Convention applies, or 8,300 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 10,000; US $10,000) if only the Warsaw Convention applies. Many carriers have voluntarily waived these limits in their entirety, and US regulations require that, for journeys to, from or with an agreed stopping place in the US, the limit may not be less than US $75,000.
  2. 17 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 20; US $20) per kg for loss of or damage or delay to checked baggage and 332 Special Drawing Rights (approximately EUR 400; US $400) for unchecked baggage.
  3. The carrier may also be liable for damage occasioned by delay.

Further information may be obtained from the carrier as to the limits applicable to your journey.

If your journey involves carriage by different carriers, you should contact each carrier for information on the applicable limits of liability.

Regardless of which Convention applies to your journey, you may benefit from a higher limit of liability for loss of, damage or delay to baggage by making at check-in a special declaration of the value of your baggage and paying any supplementary fee that may apply. Alternatively, if the value of your baggage exceeds the applicable limit of liability, you should fully insure it before you travel.

Time limit for action: Any action in court to claim damages must be brought within two years from the date of arrival of the aircraft, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived. Baggage claims: Written notice to the carrier must be made within 7 days of the receipt of checked baggage in the case of damage, and, in the case of delay, within 21 days from the date on which it was placed at the disposal of the passenger.

Notice of Contract Terms Incorporated by Reference

  1. Your contract of carriage with the carrier that provides you with carriage by air, whether international, domestic or a domestic portion of an international journey is subject to this notice; to any notice or receipt of the carrier; and to the carrier’s individual terms and conditions (Conditions), related rules, regulations and policies (Regulations) and any applicable tariffs.
  2. If your carriage is by more than one carrier, different Conditions, Regulations and any applicable tariffs may apply for each carrier.
  3. The Conditions, Regulations and any applicable tariffs of each carrier are, by this notice, incorporated by reference into and made part of your contract of carriage.
  4. The Conditions may include, but are not restricted to:
    1. Conditions and limits on the carrier’s liability for the bodily injury or death of passengers.
    2. Conditions and limits on the carrier’s liability for the loss of, damage to or delay of goods and baggage, including fragile or perishable goods.
    3. Rules for declaring a higher value for baggage and for paying any supplementary fee that may apply.
    4. Application of the carrier’s Conditions and limits of liability to the acts of the carrier’s agents, servants and representatives, including any person providing either equipment or services to the carrier.
    5. Claims restrictions, including time limits by which passengers must file claims or bring actions against the carrier.
    6. Rules about reconfirmations or reservations; check in times; the use, duration and validity of air transportation services; and the carrier’s right to refuse carriage.
    7. Rights of the carrier and limits on the carrier’s liability for delay or failure to perform a service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternative carriers or aircraft and re-routing, and, when required by applicable law, the obligation of the carrier to notify passengers of the identity of the operating carrier or substituted aircraft. Rights of the carrier to refuse carriage to passengers who fail to comply with applicable laws or who fail to present all necessary travel documents.

You can obtain more information about your contract of carriage, and find out how to request a copy, at places where transportation on the carrier is sold. Many carriers also have this information on their websites. When required by applicable law, you have the right to inspect the full text of your contract of carriage at the carrier’s airport and sales offices, and upon request, to receive a copy by mail or other delivery service from each carrier free of charge.

If a carrier sells air transportation services or checks baggage specifying carriage on another carrier, it does so only as agent for the other carrier.


Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of articles. Carriers may apply special rules for fragile, valuable, or perishable articles. Check with your carrier. 

Checked Baggage:

Carriers may permit a free checked baggage allowance which is set by the carrier and may differ by class, and/or route. Carriers may apply extra charges for checked baggage in excess of their permitted allowance. Check with your carrier. 

Cabin (Unchecked) Baggage: 

Carriers may permit a free cabin baggage allowance, which is set by the carrier and may differ by class, route, and/or aircraft type. It is recommended that cabin baggage be kept to a minimum. Check with your carrier. If more than one carrier is providing the transportation for your journey, each carrier may apply different rules on baggage (both checked and cabin). 

SPECIAL BAGGAGE LIABILITY LIMITATIONS FOR US TRAVEL: For domestic travel wholly between US points, federal rules require any limit on a carrier’s baggage liability to be at least US$3300.00 per passenger, or the amount currently mandated by 14 CFR 254.5.


For safety reasons, dangerous goods must not be packed in checked or cabin (unchecked) baggage except as specifically permitted. Dangerous goods include but are not limited to: compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidising materials, poisons, infectious substances, and briefcases with installed alarm devices. For security reasons, other restrictions may apply. Check with your carrier.

Dangerous Goods

Do not pack or carry onboard the items pictured below without checking with your carrier.



Translations and other useful travel information are available on the IATA website:

Travel Wholly Within Australia

Carriage hereunder which is wholly within the Commonwealth of Australia and is not international carriage as defined by the Warsaw Convention, is subject to the provisions of the Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act 1959 of the Commonwealth of Australia as amended or complementary State Legislation and the Liability of the Carrier in respect to the death of or injury to any Passenger is limited to the sum of $A500,000 and in respect of baggage is limited to the sum of $A1,600, and a maximum of $A160 for baggage other than Registered baggage.