I am passionate about travel and my travel obsession really started way back when I was 16 with overland trips around Australia. I travelled to Perth, Rockhampton via central NSW, and Sydney, (this was my first trip with no family) and it inspired me to travel further and see more. So by the time I was 22 in 1988, I thought Australia's Bicentennial was a great excuse to head off for my big Round The World, working holiday trip. I travelled the extensively the USA, Toronto, UK, most Western European countries and Hong Kong and each destination gave me an insight into different cultures and beliefs that fuelled my desire to be involved in the travel industry.

I have had 25 years in this wonderful industry helping people realise their travel dreams and have travelled to some jaw dropping locations in over 45 countries and across 6 continents. All of this has fuelled my love to travel and to share my passion for travel with an exclusive portfolio of clients with my own business at MTA Travel. 

With the amazing popularity of cruising I have focused a lot of my time on training and getting fully knowledgeable on all the different styles of cruses available. Booking a great many from individuals on a short break right to big groups celebrating milestone birthdays, both here from Australia as well around the world. 

I have personally been on the following Cruise ships brands Princess, P&O, Carnival, Cunard, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity X , Azamara, Viking, Norwegian & Silver Seas. Then with River Cruise I have cruised on Evergreen, and taken close looks at most of the other companies on the European rivers. 

With each client I consult on their perfect holiday or cruise experience, taking into consideration not just things like budget and timing, but what they want to get out of their holiday and how I can help make their Travel Dreams a reality. I truly believe that travel makes you see the world differently and once you have experienced it, met the locals and seen the beauty in the land, sea and the people all you can do is realise how wonderful the world truly is.